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Great Staff of Hyle Matter


According to the theory of yin and yang, originating with TzouYan[1] (, צו-ין BCE 305-240), founder of the Yin-Yang school of philosophy JiXia XueGong; the “JiXia Academy” or “agricultural downs () Academy” (XueGong: ) also naturalistic[2] thought or "quantum philosophy," Confucianist Chinese history is with planning or structuring through the legendary emperor FuXi ( BC AYN 2760-BC AYN 2697). Naturalistic thought specifies that the great curve TaiJi () basic primary yin (יען) and yang (ינג); “the essential elementary forms or genders”[3] producing () LiangYi (); the “pair of gifts” that are the “2 specifications[4] or properties,” the basis of the philosophy of oriental ontology,[5] mechanical materialism, and the subsequent TianGan (); "celestial stems" or ShiGan (); "ten stems," the oriental versions of the Hebrew 10 Sepheroth or Emanations. “Out of the void (בהו) comes the Tai Chi, God’s input,” the Tai Chi () is the primary Li (); "reason" in the formation of the universe, out of the 11-dimensional transcendent DaWuGan (); the "great spear-line X (ten) doings."


Previous to this Wu[6] (: ); the “boundless,” vacant or “nothing” as specific to Genesis 1:2 when: “the earth is without form” (תהו) or formless; “raw or pre-matter” or “potential matter” Hyle [7](Υλη: עלה) by Aristotle and Tohu (תהו) in the ancient Hebrew tradition and the same is the ex nihilo philosophical or theological concept composites of theo- (תהו): Tohu; "boundless" and -logos; "study or science of" in this case the doctrine of Yesh Me-ayin (יש מאין); “something out of nothing or Ain" (אין), then:


WuJi (ואו-קע, : 무극, מאו-קעך); boundless or limitless (+∞) is also the Ain Soph (אין סוף) of the Hebrew tradition means “without end, boundless or limitless”[8] specific to Genesis 1:2: theo (תהו); the "formlessness and chaos or con-fusion (RenDiCai: ) initializing with the pulse of creation becoming the YouJi [9](יעו-קע, : 유극, יע-קעך); the “limiter,” containing curve; literally: “being curve,” “angle,” or ridgepole, the conception of fences, boundaries and conditions, the TaiYang (); "greater positive" and the beginning of the Kav or Qu [10](קו); “line” or ray [11](ראי) able to create finitude, which protrudes out of the withdrawn limitless or boundless light into the vacuum or void (בהו) along the Samekh-Path line in the Universal Syphers™ theme, specifying the veil; veil of Paroketh or Tiphereth or concealing finite potentials in the Ain Soph (אין סוף). YouJi () the being curve in the form of a warp spatial being in balance is with symbology by the TaiJiTu (): ☯; the TaiJi (, תקע, TaeGuk: 태극, תקעך) image or diagram () of supreme polarity; “quantum states,” centrally balancing in neutrality.


The emanations rise from three preliminary states or three negative veils that are with consideration to precede manifestation during the Period of Constrain Quantum Gravity. The first is a state of complete nullity, known as Ain (אין) "nothing" or Wu () the veil of the abyss, the second state, with consideration "concentration" or focus (Semadhi) of Ain, is Ain Suph (אין סוף); "without limit, boundless or limitless," the WuJi () of the Chinese tradition, the veil of paroketh or Tiphereth and the third state or three limits or curves (), with cause by a "movement or motion" [12](רחפת) of Ain Suph, the Ain Suph Aur (אין סוף אור); "limitless light" or YouJi () bringing upon the veil of Yesod and with this initial brilliance or radiance comes the first emanation (Chether-JiaGan) of creation originating with the TaiYang (); “greater positive."

According to the TaiJi TuShuo (); the “specifications[13] of the TaiJi diagram by Zhou DunYi (), because of the abundance of high energy continuous symmetry (homogeneous), at the time of the big bang due to spontaneous symmetry breaking of the TaiJi (, תקע), the TaiJi moves [12](רחפת) and thus produces the yang (); the “positive cosmic (rapid and magnifying) force,” the "movement" of Ain Suph (אין סוף), the Yang () of XiaoRen () with the emotional [14]pulse of creation or spontaneity of processes, just as “the spirit of God that moves” (רחפת) with Genesis 1:2, also specific to the prime force[15] or superforce historically known as Primum Movens, a postulate of the Greek Aristotle’s stable mover (ου κινουμενον κινει).[16] The "Prime Force" is the performing energy purposely generating the energy to make all things perform with each other,[15] initializing the Period of Next Lease Thermodynamics.


In the Lurianic Kabbalah scheme, creation is with initializing by a primordial radical divine Bittul (בטל); "selflessness" or self-withdrawal," as the evaporating dew ceases or e.g. the sun-set, Tzimtzum (צמצום); “concentrate or focus, contraction, constriction,[17] condensation or possessiveness,” forming a figurative Khalal (חלל); “vacant, free or procurable" Hapanui (הפנוי); "space or vacuum (self-programmable vacuum [tube or God's computer, the first holon) of a light far thing" (חלל) shell, e.g. the sun's-transit, or hollow-man in which only a surplus reshimu [18](רשמו, rasmi); “his sensation or strikings,” carvings or signing part leavings of the withdrawn (the sun-set) Ain Soph (אין סוף) that moves (sun-transit) through Ain Suph Aur (אין סוף אור), e.g. the light duration of the sun-transiting. Subsequent to this, a thin, diminishing new emanation Kav (קו, Ka-wa) quantum (קוענתם) photon ray-line, able to create finitude, protrudes out of the withdrawn limitless light (sun-set) into the Khalal (חלל); “vacant, free or procurable" Hapanui (הפנוי); "space or vacuum of a light far thing" (חלל) shell where the sun-transited visibly, the Samekh-path line, specifies the lower FuXi 3rd/3 branches: World of the Jaguar. Before the tzimtzum (צמצום), the contraction of the limitless light Ain Soph (אין סוף) that gives birth to or produces creation, only the Ain Soph be, as the Kav (קו) ray-line of divine lumination shines into the Khalal (חלל) primordial space of the light far thing shell, creation begins (the sun-rise), the TaiYang () of Chether-JiaGan.


The tzimtzum (צמצום) reveals the Ten Sefirot/Sepherot (ספרות) in transcendence the 1st time or context, in Asian terms ShiGan YinYang ( ); the “10 shields, spheres or doings of Yin () and Yang” () duplicating the first verse in Genesis 1:1: “God creates the heaven and earth;” Yang () and Yin (), the two essential elementary forms or genders with the ten value-first types through which the creator or Deity creates and structures the world of ten emanations of visible light, and these are first with demonstration through the Iggulim[19](עגלים); concentric “circles” or rings of the FuXi LongXih ( ), linking the Qabalah (קבלה) to the Aristotelian system of heavenly spheres and the school of naturalistic thought. The celestial battle (בטל) or war in heaven of Revelation 12:7 in which "Michael and his angels fought with the dragon[20](תנין: Tinian); and the dragon fought and his angels," being the FuXi LongXih ( ), the 1st/3 ShiGan () to emerge from Adam Kadmon happening before any catastrophe, shattering, big bang or (low-energy) broken symmetry of creation. The celestial battle or war in heaven is with participants of the Launching Centrifugal dragon FuXi LongXih ( ) and the Landing Centripetal Dragon BokXui RyeongHah (부/복희룡해), the first and old world of concentricity with following by the coming new world of the 2nd/3 ShiGan (); the "Bu ShiGan TaiJi" ( ), the big bang with broken symmetry (heterogeneous), the next birth of Adam Kadmon. According to Mormonism this is Michael (מיכאל); "who like God," the Arch-angel (Samekh-path line) "Michael-Adam," specifying the Hebrew tradition being "Michael-Adam Kadmon," specifying ancient Sumerian with the Babylonian Enuma elish or Epic of Creation texts, being Marduk[21] (Sumerian: Nibiru) as "Michael-Marduk."


Olam katan (עולם קטן); “small world” (XiaoDi, ) is a concept of Jewish philosophy that man; “Adam” is a kind of “microcosm,” of the world as a whole; the “macrocosm” according to the Midrash section Otzar ha-Midrashim 406. Olam katan; the “microcosmic world” conceptually is the understanding that man; “Adam’ is a microcosm being with the terminology Adam Olam Katan (קטן) as well as an Adam Kadmon making Adam Olam Qahtan (Joktan, יקטן) an Adam Kadmon (קדמון) first type, elucidating small (קטן) children as eternal (עולם) life forms. Adam Olam Katan is perfect ideal model of the very young Moshe (משה) in the ark of bulrushes or the very young Yeshua (ישוע) in the manger. Adam Kadmon is the source of the first 3 ShiGan () or Sepheroth, Beriah; the world of creation.


1st/3 ShiGan (), the first 10 Sepheroth to emerge from Adam Kadmon in the Hebrew tradition of Jewish Kabbalah is Akudim [22](עקדים); "bindings or ringstrakes” (concentric circles) of 10 lights in one vessel (כלים) of Gedulah-Gevurah (גדולה גבורה), a specimen possessing stable (תהה: Tahah) Tohu (תהו); “chaos," equivocating to ShiGan YinYang ( ); the “10 shields, spheres or doings of Yin () and Yang ().”

The FuXi LongXih ( ) elucidates the seder hishtalshelus (סדר השתלשלות); “sequence of progression" of the Arbaah Olamot (ארבעה עולמות); four eternal spiritual world-planes to come.

Moving in a circular fashion, the Kav (קו) ray-line of divine light progressively produces the Sepherot (ספרות), first creating Chether (כתר) is the highest or in the heights Sepherah (ספרה), the sun-rise, closest to the Khalal (חלל) space of a light far thing (חלל) or hollow-man’s perimeter, the sun-rise begins. Progressively this kav (קו) ray-line as sovev [23](סבב); “surrounding” light (אור) compasses curving space, the sun's transit through the sky visibly, therefore rotates and produces the going forward Sepherot (ספרות), culminating with the formation of the final Sepherah, Malchuth (מלכות), the sun-set, at the center of the Khalal (חלל) space of a light far thing (חלל) hollow-man,[24] where is found the origin of the word, duplicating the verse of John 1:2: the same is in the beginning with God; "the sun-rise, in Universal Syphers™ speak is with location in GuiGan BuJiGan ( ) XiaoYang ().

The new emanation is the fountainhead for all subsequent creation, but in lieu of perfection leads to a catastrophe in the emerging spiritual worlds of Atziluth (אצלות), Beriah (בריאה), Yetzirah (יצרה) and Asiyah (עשיה). In modern cosmological terms this is the Grand Unification Epoch temporally 10-43 through 10-34 seconds after the Big Bang and in Universal Syphers™ speak is known as the period of Bu ShiGan TaiJi ( ); the “division of the 10 shields, spheres or doings of the great curve,” the 10 Sepheroth (ספרות) going forward the 2nd time or context. Each Sepherah (ספרה), in this scheme, is with a self-containment sphere, shield or doing (), and each starting with Chether (כתר) to Malchuth (מלכות) is progressively closer to the center of the Khalal (חלל) space of a light far thing (חלל) hollow-man, and therefore, progressively further from the light of the infinite Ain Soph (אין סוף).

Climbing divine light and Nitzotz sparkles lowering

2nd/3 ShiGan (), the second 10 Sepheroth to emerge from Adam Kadmon in the Hebrew tradition of Jewish Kabbalah is Nekudim [25](נקדים); "points or speckles”(sparkles) of 10 isolates lights in 10 vessels, an example of unstable Tohu (תהו); “Chaos” entropy, equivocating to Bu ShiGan TaiJi ( ); the shattering (שבירה) or “divisions or 10 shields great angle or curve," e.g. the 10 horns (קרנים) of Revelations 12:3.

As the vitality (Yao/Xio: , 효: [26]חיו; “Kav-life lines”) pours (breaths: יפח) into the Sepheroth Kelim (כלים); the “vessels,” are unstable Tohu (תהו); “chaos” and Shevirah (שבירה); “shatters” as the first tablets of stone during the time of Moses in BC AYN 1499 or as Tiamat (תאמת) split and shatters by Marduk. Their divine light (mist:[27] אד) next ascends, while the broken vessel fragments lower or cast to the earth,[28] still with animation by Nitzotz (נצץ); “sparkles” (speckles) of light. The fragments become the with ab-sorbtion, mimalei [29](ממלאי); “fills,” as when Joseph "fills [30](ימלאו) the sacks" (כליהם) or vessels of his brethren for their next trip to Canaan, and the animating source of the subsequent Arbaah Olamot (ארבעה עולמות); the “4 spiritual worlds” and a new stable creation of Beriah or XiaoRen (); "small human" with the realm of Tikun (תיקון); “rectification,” next storage [31](תקון), correction (Wycliffe), next surrection (next naissance) or next formation (KJ), the He XiaoShiGan TaiJi ( ); the “unity small 10 shields, spheres or doings of the great curve,” the 9th/9 mictlan (מעכת-לן) underworlds in the solar system, the 10 Sepheroth (ספרות) the 3rd time or context of the new construction. First the light creates or constructs the vessels; ohr sovev (אור סבב), next shatters (שבירה) or cuts using division or separation of concerns for the vessels, then animates, new constructs or fills the vessels; ohr mimalei (אור ממלאי) similar to the modern concept of digital distributed 3-D printing.


3rd/3 ShiGan (), the third 10 Sepheroth to emerge from Adam Kadmon is Berudim [32](ברדים); "links, connections or “grisles” (grizzle) of 10 correlating lights in 10 vessels and the beginning of Tikun (תיקון); "next storage or rectification,” the first type forms of sequence in creation during the process of Tohu and Tikun equivocating to He XiaoShiGan TaiJi ( ); the “unity small 10 shields great angle or curve” in the Universal Syphers™, the solar system of Mictlan's Nine Underworlds, the "Plan-network" of rectification.

Tikun (תיקון) in Asian terms is TzouYan’s[33] () Yin () and Yang (), that in turn, give rise to the SiXiang[34] (); “4 images,”[35] (פנים) emblematic symbols or Tikunim [36](תיקונים) elements, the alchemists 4 basic elements or the first 4 subshells of modern chemistry and atomic physics with itemizing as:


With completion origin-division-union action () the 3 ShiGan () or 10 X 3 Sepheroth’s to emerge from Adam Kadmon, the four position foundation () of Unificationism is established. Union-action (合作) is the source of the term Union Jack (Cantonese: Zok, יעך; Hangul: 작, Jak, יעך). The kav (קו) itself, the ray of divine energy which mimalei (ממלאי) filled or animated the Sepheroth (ספרות) with light (אור) further composes the superstructure known as Da ShiGan ( ); the “big 10 Sepheroth (ספרות), shields or doings” the 4th time or context, in the secret image of primordial-man; “Adam Kadmon” (אדם קדמן), examples include Da ShiGan Images and Adam Kadmon, the Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim and the Period of Adam's Individual Generations. The whole linear scheme is called “the image of God,” alluding to the verse in Genesis 1:27 that speaks of God/Allahim (אלהים) “creating man in his own image… male and female created he them” through the Celestial Stem Yin and Yang polarity. Also see The Tao of Biblical Qabalah.

The 1st/10 Da ShiGan ( ) is Da JiaGan ( ); the “big armour or shell shield or doing” or ShuJiaGan (); the “writings of the armour or shell shield or doing” is the first Sepherah (ספרה) of Chether (כתר) on the 4th context; the “book of Chether."



Da ShiGan ( ) the “big 10 Sepheroth (ספרות), shields or doings,” the 4th level, context or scope is with the content of the decadic or base 10 system of evolution logic operating with quantitative logic comprising the 3-dimensional or Base 10 World. The presumption in generating the base 10 system is 9—9—9; the Celestial Caliphate, the logic of matter for all base 10 numbers; 9+9+9=27 (formula 27) + 10 = 37 with 37/27 = 1.37037037... as the fine structure constant binding being logic with matter logic.

The emanations rise out of three preliminary states or three negative veils (see SPN Tetrahedron) that are with consideration to precede manifestation. The first is a state of complete nullity, known as Ain (אין) "nothing" or Wu (). The second state, with consideration is the "concentration" of Ain, the Ain Suph (אין סוף); "without limit or limitless." The WuJi () of the Chinese tradition, the third state, with cause by a "movement" of Ain Suph, is Ain Suph Aur (אין סוף אור); "limitless light" or YouJi () which from this initial brilliance originates the first emanation (Chether-JiaGan) of creation.


Facts Numbers Game deals with the concept of mathematical principles,[37] starting with specifics of the Chinese traditional character of Wu[38] (: ); "not, without, vacant, or nothing" (nihilo [39]נחל, 누시엘, 루치펠), and comparing the transliterate Hebrew equivalent traditional concept of Ain [40](אין); Strong’s English spelling: “Ayin,” which both are equivalent concepts of the concept zero (זהרו) or the ordinal zeroth (זהרות), see 9.7.3.


Continuing in the Chinese tradition next with WuJi (); the “not, without or vacant” (לוא; “not-ing”) and “"limitless curve" (-∞ minus infinity)” is the comparable transliterate Hebrew equivalent traditional concept of “Ain Soph” (אין סוף) simply meaning “without end,” “limitless,” “the void[41](ובהו) or vacuum, minus infinite or the “vacant curve.”


Then matching the WuJi (); the “vacuum” or “the void”[42] Bohu[43] (בהו, consciousness) of the 2nd/7 periods of the Period of Strain Quantum Gravity with the pulse of creation () or magic (mana, [44]המן); “mystery” (μυστηριον, future tense), subsequintially with following of () the conception[45] of boundaries and conditions.[46]


In other words in the Chinese tradition specific to those in the line of the legendary emperor FuXi (: בחשי); a Chinese historical figure of BC AYN 2760-BC AYN 2697, WuJi (); the “vacant curve” (minus infinity) produces () YouJi (); the “limiting,” or the “being curve or angle” the conception of boundaries and conditions of the 5th/7 periods of the Period of Strain Quantum Gravity.


YouJi [47](יעו-קע, : 유극, יע-קעך) the being curve or angle in the form of warping spatial being in balance is with sybology by the TaiJiTu (): ☯; the TaiJi () image or diagram () of supreme polarity centrally balanced in neutrality, see 9.7.4 DPI.


Zhou DunYi (: Chou Tun-i)[48] a Song Dynasty () neo-Confucian philosopher and cosmologist of AD/CE 1017-1073 is mainly with concerns for the origin of the universe the great curve TaiJi (); the “supreme polarity of yin (, יען) and yang (, יענג)” and WuJi () the “limitless potential,” as well as the agents or elements of the WuXing (); literally: the “5 phases or walks.”


TaiJi TuShuo (); the “specifications of the TaiJi diagram by Zhou DunYi () begins by identifying TaiJi (); the “great curve of being” (in esse) with WuJi (); the “great curve of non-being (in posse):” the same identification that takes place with the modern concept of RenNaiTian (); “human beings (; שענג) are with identification with heaven.”[49] Because of the abundance of energy at the time of the big bang due to non-balance state or symmetry breaking in the TaiJi () the TaiJi moves [12](רחפת) and thus produced the yang (); the “positive cosmic (rapid or widening) force,” initializing the Period of Next Lease Thermodynamics. When the activity (force) of the yang () reaches the yang () limit, the yang () tends to tranquility (vacant, balance or neutrality). Through tranquility the yin (); the “negative cosmic (slow or contractive) force” is with generation. When tranquility reaches a limit, tranquility next turns to movement (yang: ). Thus yang () and yin (陰) generate each other initializing vibrating sequential polarity through which the WuXing () the 5 phases create the 10 (2 X 5) heavenly stems[50] ShiGan ().


Knowledge in Greek is gnosis (γνώσις); in Hebrew with an phonetic spelling is Daith [51](הדעת). The term gnosis is used by Byzantine and Hellenic cultures as a word to mean a special knowledge or insight; the act or result of apprehending the inner nature or essence (gender) of things or of seeing intuitively. An insight manifests itself suddenly (“Muskal:” [52]משכל) such as understanding how to solve a difficult problem, also known as an epiphany (הפי-פני).

The term acknowledge is the compound of ac- (עך), a term that means knowledge in Hawaiian; olelo: ike (עכה) with both having the same Hebrew root-stem and –knowledge, the Hebrew DIT (דעת). The Hebrew root DIT (דעת) is the source of such terms as dot (דעת) and the French to say or to tell third person form of il dit (דעת) while knowledge thyself in Hebrew in the form DIC (דעך) is the root of such terms as indicate, dedicate and the Italian dico (דעכו).

Ac (עך: AC, ak) is the prefix for the term akbar (עכבר) of the phrase Allahu akbar (الله أكبر); Arabic: "God his self is great" of which Akbar (עכבר) in Arabic means "great" and when in the form akbar-iah (עכ-בריאה) or ACBRIA (עכ-בריאה) is the ac (עך) knowledge of creations or evolutionary ranks of Beriah [53](בריאה), the 2nd/4 Olam [54](עולם) "eternal world-planes" and the HaoDaXing (); the "virtual castle" with the 13 floors or heavens of each of the 9 floors of Mictlan's Nine Underworlds. Akbar (עכבר) can also have the meaning of "knowledge son" (בר: BR); New Testament Hebrew: BR (בר); "son." Knowledge son is the source of the Korean term for good (and) evil of SanAk () of the tree of knowledge (지식의 나무), the HaoDaXing () knowledges of the 13 heavens of the 9 floors of Mictlan's Nine Underworlds or the tree of life. The Old Testament or Torah meaning of akbar [55](עכבר: ACBR) is "mouse," the 1st/12 DiZhi () earthly branches Zi (; HanGul:: Ja); meaning: offspring, son, child seed, fruit, or love[56] and originally the noble rank of viscount (ChuGuo ).

Epistemology is related to knowledge and is composed of the Greek episteme (επιστημη); “knowledge” and “logos” (λογος); “to count or tell,” and by implication a topic of discourse, for a theory of knowledge that is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge.

Gnosticism refers to a diverse, syncretistic information system; a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole. Gnosticism was popular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

In gnosticism is the concept of dualism;[57] the tendency of humans to perceive and understand the world as being divided into 2 overarching categories, for example the binary opposition and combination of the universe’s 2 basic principles of yin and yang. Moral dualism is the concept good and evil.

In Gnosticism the Demiurge is depicted as an embodiment of evil [58](רע; Olelo: “a-wela”), similar to Rex Mundi in Catharism. Demiurge; Greek: demiourgos (δημιουργος); “public or skilled worker,” composed of demos; “common people” and ergos; “work” and hence a some type of worker or doer. In later philosophical and religious language Demiurge became a term for a creator deity, responsible for the creation of the physical universe. In the sense of a divine creative principle as expressed in ergon or en-erg-y, the word was first introduced by Plato in Timaeus.

In Neo-Platonism Plotinus identified the demiurge as nous (נעש); “mind or intellect,” also in English as “common sense,” the first emanation of “the One[59] (monad; Chinese: ). Neo-Platonist personified the Demiurge as the Greek deity Zeus (Ka-a-wela: כאויל).

The Demiurge exists alongside the supreme being that embodies good [51](טוב), according to Catharism He was the god of love, order and peace, entirely dis-incarnate: a being or principle of pure spirit and completely unsullied by the taint of matter.

Nous in Greek (originally: νοος; in later Greek: νους) and in Hebrew NOS [60](נעש); “do or make” both come to mean “conscious mind,”[61] derived out of the Homeric Greek root in the language of the Iliad: noeein (נעה-עין); to see” or noeo[61] (נעהו). The Mycenaean objective origin of the term nous (נעש) is present in objective statements about seeing, or in noos as a sight[61] or show (שוע). In urging his men into battle, a warrior may say there is no better noos than a hand-to-hand battle with the enemy (15:510), and Zeus keeps Hector in his noos (15:461).

In many gnostic systems, each of the various emanations of the one (: DaYi) is called an aeon (עון);Hebrew Strong’s #5770-5772 koine Greek: αιων; meaning “age” and are similar to the 32 paths of the Sefer Yetzirah (ספרה יצירה); “fashioned[62] or formed[63] Book” of Creation and the Universal Syphers™ 32 paths but used geologically as the 4 eons[64] (הון) in modern times.

C.100 - 160 CE the gnostic Valentinus was born in Phrebonis in the Nile delta and educated in Alexandria, had a large following later divided into an eastern and a western or Italian branch that included the Marcosians. The Valentinian system which, until recently, was only known through the criticisms of its opponents, however the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library has given access to Valentinian texts, including sources that were tentatively identified as written by Valentinus. According to Tertullian’s Against the Valentinians, the gnostic Valentinius had 30 different aeons (עון) that emanate each other in sequence. According to St. Irenaeus, the followers of the Gnostics Ptolemy and Colorbasus had 2 additional aeons (עון) that when added to those of Valentinius comprise 32 total aeons.

The total number of æons, being 32, reflects the similarity of the mechanism to the tree of life, which, as suggested in the Zohar, incorporates 10 sepheroth and 22 paths interconnecting these 10 sepheroth; while 10 æons are created during the first 5 generations out of which come the other 22 æons later during the 6th generation.

The whole mechanism to the tree of life is an allegorical representation of violation of CP symmetry, required to create a universe of matter, by facilitating particles to win over antiparticles. CP symmetry requires emanation of equal amount of matters and anti-matters which obviously were violated in the beginning of the universe; otherwise we would not have a material universe. Æons denote this syzygy; conjugation of the standard model 16 particles and their supersymmetric standard model superpartner antiparticles produced in equal number. The perfect symmetry of pleroma[65] (πληρωμα); “fullness,” gets violated and a particle or a number of particles (sophia: σoφíα; “wisdom”) ensued out without its/their antiparticle counterparts, resulting in an increase in number of particles and the birth of Demiurge – a process which ultimately led to the creation of our physical universe.

This view is consistent with Carl Johan Calleman author of The Purposeful Universe which states “a living system is a system of molecules created by a wave form emanating from the cosmic tree of life that maintains an energetic imbalance with its environment.”[66] “An aspect of this definition is the requirement for the system to maintain an energetic imbalance” (see Path-Index 13) by the violation of CP symmetry facilitating particles to win over antiparticles, thus allowing what exists to overcome the non-existent. “Such a definition is with a view of the universe that is driven to evolve by its inherent imbalance” or asymmetry.


1st/32 PI: the 1st Sepherah (ספרה) Chether (כתר); ShuJiaGan () or DaJiaGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


2nd/32 PI: the 2nd Sepherah (ספרה) Chockmah (חכמה); ShuNieGan () or DaNieGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


3rd/32 PI: the 3rd Sepherah (ספרה) Binah (בינה); ShuBingGan () or DaBingGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


4th/32 PI: the 4th Sepherah (ספרה) Chesed (חסד); ShuDingGan () or DaDingGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:

Gedulah Gevurah-DaWuGan

5th/32 PI: the 5th Sepherah (ספרה) Gedulah Gevurah (גבורה גדולה); ShuWuGan () or DaWuGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


6th/32 PI: the 6th Sepherah (ספרה) Tiphereth (תפארת); ShuJiGan () or DaJiGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


7th/32 PI: the 7th Sepherah (ספרה) Netzach (נצח); ShuGengGan () or DaGengGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


8th/32 PI: the 8th Sepherah (ספרה) Hod (הוד); ShuXinGan () or DaXinGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


9th/32 PI: the 9th Sepherah (ספרה) Yesod (יסוד); ShuRenGan () or DaRenGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


10th/32 PI: the 10th Sepherah (ספרה) Malkhut (מלכות); ShuGuiGan () or DaGuiGan () on the 4th level, context or scope is with the content:


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